Improving Health
Through Nutrition

Take NutraScreen Now!
  1. NutraScreen is a state of the art online questionnaire that uses pictures to ask you about the foods you eat and delivers the information your healthcare professional needs to provide personalized nutritional recommendations to optimize your health.
  2. Tell us a few things about yourself like gender, height and weight -- then simply point and click on the pictures to tell us what you eat and drink.
  3. You receive an easy to read report with a red-light, green-light indication of how your diet compares to guidelines for key nutrients and food groups. At the same time your healthcare provider receives a complete nutritional report to identify where you are already on track and what needs attention.
  4. NutraScreen identifies the minimum changes needed for maximum results and key areas to focus on in your diet. Shared with your healthcare professional – simple yet effective nutrition action plans are created to achieve your health goals.