Tell Us What You Eat, We’ll Help You Live Better!

More and more evidence shows that excellent health and disease prevention rely on good nutrition. Do you understand how your diet compares to recommended guidelines? NutraScreen provides those answers and more through an easy and fun to use online questionnaire.

Minimum Change for Maximum Results

Since NutraScreen is taken online your results are available immediately. You receive an easy to read report with a red-light, green-light indication of how your diet compares to guidelines for key nutrients and food groups. At the same time your healthcare provider receives a complete nutritional Diagnostic Report to identify where you are already on track and what needs attention. Unlike prescribed diets, NutraScreen helps your healthcare provider focus on the foods you are or are not eating to recommend specific changes that will be most effective for you. The NutraScreen breakthrough enables your healthcare provider to incorporate meaningful and personalized dietary recommendations into your care plan and has you both prepared to discuss nutritional goals at your next visit.

To get started all you need is the registration code given to you by your healthcare provider, an internet connection, valid email address and some quiet time to thoughtfully complete the questionnaire.

Don’t have a code from your healthcare provider? Ask them to enroll with NutraScreen today!

Get the NutraScreen Advantage!

For the first time, you have a fun and simple way to communicate your dietary history with the level of accuracy needed to allow your healthcare provider to develop an effective nutrition-based lifestyle prescription to complement your traditional care. You don’t have to spend days or even hours on food diaries or reading nutritional labels. NutraScreen is designed to generate the most comprehensive dietary history in the shortest time possible.